Type Math with MathType and Equation Editor in MS Word 2007

Welcome to Math in Word.com!

It is a website about how to use MathType and Equation Editor to type Math Symbols, Math Equations, Math Expressions and draw Math Shapes and Graphs in Microsoft Word 2007, also including some basic skills of MS Word, like Shortcut Keys, AutoCorrect

The purpose is to type beautiful Math in Word! You are welcome to make comments if you have any good ideas or questions.

Thank you for loving Math and Math in Word!

May your life is full of Love!

Below is the Sitemap of Mathinword.com for your reference.

Math Symbol Alt Codes Shortcut Key Assign or Remove
 How to Insert Greek Letters AutoCorrect Backup and Move Entries
Font Problem Recognized Math Functions
Change Default Font Math AutoCorrect
Math Equation Numbering    in tables Formatted Text
EQ Field SEQ Filed – vs. Plain Text
Shape & Graphic Flow Chart Change Entries
 Lines y=sinx Equation Editor Overview
 Triangles Integrated shapes Structure
 Coordinate System Text wrapping Tools
Layer More
Grids, Nudging MathType How to Install
Distribution Alignment Overview
Number Line Fence Pasting Disabled
Math Beauty In sets Change Style or Font
Multiple Choices Change Size
 numbering Change Spacing
  Preference Menu
  Save Preference File
  Webpage Publishing
  Exclusive Features

Below are some beautiful Math equations as examples. They are typed either with MathType or with Equation Editor in Miscrosoft Word 2007.

1. type math equation E=mc^2

2. type math fraction of Golden Ratio

3. General relativity formula

4. type math Calculus

5. type math Standard model formula

6. MathType numbering in Word 2007

7. draw or type math shapes

8. type math and draw The Euler Line in Word


 MathType drawing grids

2 Responses to Type Math with MathType and Equation Editor in MS Word 2007

  1. boudon says:


    I’m very insteresting about your site. It is a pity that now it is a bit old. I would like information about the use of mathtype on word 2013.

    Do you still continue to work and share your knowledge on that subject?

    Do you know if exactly on this subject it exists a forum to share with others ?

    Thanks a lot for your help

    • winnieyan says:

      Thanks for your appreciation! I have been busy doing other things right now, and will continue to share more information on this website if I have enough time.
      If you have any suggestions, you are very welcome to share it with me!

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